Skype Multimedia

Multimedia Preview Before Sending

Problem: When a user want to sending media (and file content), there are several paths that result in the content sending before a user has any ability to review the content.​ This leads to an abrupt and often (terrifying) experience when a user sends content without being offered the opportunity to check that the content they are sending is correct/appropriate/other.

Usability testing:​ Participants wanted to send a message with a picture – auto-send was unexpected for some; got confused in pic editor thinking they could add a message there on mobile.

Goal: To provides users with a consistent pattern that will enable them preview the message/content before sending.


I created new user experience and interface for mobile and desktop.

Prototyped with Principle app.




Previews in Desktop



Previews in Dark theme, Hight Contrast Light and Dark modes





Multiple Images

Our goal is to improve the users experience when multiple photos are shared together.

  • Often multiple images are shared together (currently in separate messages) but in future we plan to support sending multiple files at once.
  • Current visual experience is not optimized with each photo taking up vertical space in the chat canvas.
  • With SMS Connect users can receive multiple photos in single message




Today many users abandon sending and downloading received of videos due to a lack of clarity what is happening, especially on large videos. ​Video download always looks like streaming when often it is download & play (UWP & mobile).​ We plan to provide clear progress indication for both uploaded and download & play videos to ensure user is always aware of the current state.