Skype + OneDrive Integration

Worked on

UI/UX Design
Mobile app - Desktop app
User testing



Cloud file sharing in Skype​

OneDrive is the canonical cloud storage and sharing experience from Microsoft targeted at Productive Achievers. As we execute on the strategy of making Skype best with Microsoft first party services, OneDrive will be at the center of this collaboration experience.To make collaboration in Skype easier and more scalable for users it makes a lot of sense to move to a model that enables and encourages sharing links from cloud storage and away from attaching documents and sharing them in chats.

What is the user problem/pain point we are trying to solve?

Sharing links to files and photos stored in OneDrive requires users create a link on OneDrive and copy and paste it into a Skype chat.


  • It should be more efficient and as easy for me to share files from OneDrive in Skype as going to the OneDrive app or webpage.​
  • I should be able to easily browse, preview and disambiguate similar files before sharing.​
  • Recipients of the files I share should be able to access them without signing into OneDrive​.
  • Non-goal: replace the current file picking experience with OneDrive.

User test

What we tested

Share 2 files with your friend: ‘Kitchen design concept’ and ‘Kitchen shelf’ from the ‘Interior design’ folder in your OneDrive​​

  • Overall flow​
  • Going into folder vs Selecting item​
  • Select/Deselect single and multiple item(s)​
  • Preview multi-selected items