Turkish Airlines

I’m a loyal Turkish Airlines passenger. So I use Turkish Airlines app quite often. Every time when I use the app, I clearly notice user experience issues and inconsistency in user interface design. One day, I decided fixing user experience issues and polishing user interface as a personal project.
I started my work with polishing Home screen and Login screens. Home screen hero shows city pictures related flight campaigns. Each city has different picture and according to background color, flight destinations and prices were not visible. Also city background picture was masked inside of menu icons with blur effect. Again in some cases icons were not visible. I increased readability by changing style of hero title area and menu icons.
Flight booking flow was confusing. I was not sure, was I picking correct date for going and return tickets. I completely re-designed flight booking screens. Payment and ticket preview screen is re-designed with showing flight information more clear and simple and added credit card UI to make it more user friendly and clarify that users are in payment screen. After booking flight, ticket screen had outdated UI design. I decided to re-design with real looking ticket screen.